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  1. Shark Cartilage Cream

    Shark Cartilage Cream

    To accelerate healing of your painful joints we recommend our specially blended Shark Cartilage Cream is applied externally to the affected areas. Learn More
  2. Sharene


    Arthritis may not kill you but it does make you feel old before your time. Don’t let painful joints stop you from strutting your stuff! Learn More
  3. Serrapeptase


    Providing ALL The Benefits & NONE of the Problems of NSAID’s. A Natural ‘Ibuprofen’ for Inflammation, Pain & Water Retention Learn More
  4. Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3

    British oncologist, Professor Angus Dalgleish, consultant medical oncologist at St. Georges Hospital, London, revealed in May 2011, that many of his skin cancer patients have unusually low levels of vitamin D. Learn More
  5. Fish Oil

    Fish Oil

    DHA & EPA Essential Fatty Acids for a healthy heart & joints Learn More
  6. Bone Build

    Bone Build

    Osteoporosis causes a person’s bones to become fragile and brittle over time. This condition is more prevalent in women than in men, because women have less bone tissue than men and lose bone strength faster because of hormonal changes during the process of menopause. Learn More
  7. Shark Cartilage & Squalene

    Shark Cartilage & Squalene

    If you suffer from Arthritis or Rheumatism, or if your Joints are Stiff & Worn, find out How You Can Free Your Life from Pain Learn More
  8. Chia Seeds 250g

    Chia Seeds 250g

    Cultivated for centuries by the ancient Aztecs Chia seeds were so highly prized that for a time they were used as currency. Learn More
  9. Diabex II

    Diabex II

    Imagine yourself free of worrying about the devastating effects of Diabetes because of high blood sugar. Imagine how you will feel if you didn't have to worry about it ever again or have to deal with all the negative side effects of any pharmaceutical drugs. Learn More
  10. Liver Cleanse

    Liver Cleanse

    Most healers maintain that disease cannot develop in the body if the liver is functioning properly, because no form of cell degeneration can occur. An unhealthy liver is likely at the root of most serious health issues. Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 33 total

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