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Male Health

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  1. BladdAid


    BladdAid Learn More
  2. Oyster Pro

    Oyster Pro

    Oyster extracts have long been popular in Japan and new evidence suggests they have more broad-spectrum benefits thanks to oyster's zinc, vitamin D, amino acids, 59 trace minerals, glycogen, taurine and other nutrient contents. Learn More
  3. Nitri Boost BOGOF

    Nitri Boost BOGOF

    Nitri Boost provides the key to unlocking the power and release of Nitric Oxide (NO) with its proven capacity to increase vascular flow. Learn More
  4. Super-V


    With this amazing combination of concentrated Muira Puama and Avena Sativa all your Libido worries will go. Muira Puama has received a vast amount of press coverage due to its libido enhancing effects for both men and women. Learn More
  5. Beta-Lite


    Whilst many prostate formulations contain Saw palmetto extract, it is impossible to add sufficient Beta-Sitosterol itself into a prostate formulation and for it to remain fully effective. Learn More
  6. Prost -8 Supreme (60 capsules)

    Prost -8 Supreme (60 capsules)

    “Prostate Problems DO NOT GO AWAY If Left Untreated They Get Much Worse...Taking Care of Your Prostate Is Taking Care of Your Manhood.” Dr. James Balch Learn More
  7. Pomegrol


    In recent years Pomegranates and their juice have been shown to contain a number of powerful antioxidants including polyphenols and anthocyanidins, which help prevent free radicals from disrupting proper circulatory function. Learn More
  8. BladdAid


    BladdAid contains a combination of 6 natural herbs all renowned for their antiseptic properties and particularly effective for male urinary concerns. Learn More
  9. Hormonazone System 2

    Hormonazone System 2

    The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the athletic build seen in our youth, as well as our sex drive. As we age, a gradual shift happens to our hormones: Testosterone begins to decline and the stronger male hormone DHT starts increasing. Learn More
  10. Lycopene 100mg 90 Tablets

    Lycopene 100mg 90 Tablets

    Lycopene gives tomatoes, pink grapefruit, etc, their red colour and its concentration in the body tends to be higher than all other Carotenoids, particularly in the liver, lungs, prostate gland, colon and skin. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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