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Testostro Power

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Testostro Power


Keeping You Hard, Firm & Strong All Night Long

Now YOU Can Have a Much More Active Sex Life Thanks To This amazing Natural “V” Pill that Assists all Men to Have an Explosive Erection
• Ultimate sexual performance enhancer
• Gives harder, long-lasting erections
• Increases frequency of your orgasms
• 100% herbal formulation
• No side effects
• Stay strong…all night long

Testostro-Power is formulated through a unique herb combination and a revolutionary high frequency ingredient infusion process.

This enables Testostro-Power to ensure consistent firmness, and thus long hours of sexual passion, pleasure and desire!

The combination of ingredients greatly helps your body to produce its own regular supply of Nitric Oxide (which ensures smooth muscle relaxation in the penis) boosting hardness and sexual health - without the side effects of some conventional drug alternatives.

Your penis will become rejuvenated and more powerful being able to pump and hold up to six times its usual amount, thereby guaranteeing harder, longer erections. Testostro-Power works in as little as 40 minutes and lasts for up to 2 to 3 days. This ‘Unique Herbal formula’ allow men to achieve an erection for up to 2 to 3…days after ingestion. It’s simple...

Try this experiment at home: Take 1 or 2 Testostro-Power tablets with a glass of warm water. Then sit down, relax and don't think about sex. What will happen next is that within 40 minutes, you will experience one of the strongest and hardest erections ever in your life!

What are the ingredients?
Withania Somnifera (Indian Ginseng also known as Ashwaganda). This herb builds marrow and semen. It is also mentioned in the ancient Kama Sutra as a herb to be used for heightening sexual experience and studies show it can produce nitric oxide (NO) in the body which aids in the dilation of blood vessels.

Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet bean) contains L-Dopa. L-Dopa is used to make dopamine, a very important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality and confidence.

Crocus Sativus – this herb helps to improve overall health of the nervous system, genitals, energises the sexual glands and also rejuvenates all your sexual hormones.
• Enhances libido
• Increases energy levels
• Improves sleep
• Reduces body fat percentage
• Increases lean muscle mass
• Improves mood and sense of wellbeing

L-Arginine – is the body’s key for starting and maintaining a full erection. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide, which causes blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation).

Studies show it to be extremely useful in the treatment of conditions that are improved by vasodilation such as coronary artery disease and importantly erectile dysfunction. It has also been studied for its enhancement of sperm production.

In one double-blind placebo controlled study in the British Journal of Urology International, researchers evaluated the NO levels of 50 men with erectile dysfunction. The men were given either L-Arginine or a placebo for 6 weeks.

In 6 weeks alone 31% of the men reported a significant improvement in their sexual performance. Their levels of nitric oxide had also doubled by the end of the study.

“I had been unable to have and maintain an erection for a few months and was becoming seriously concerned about my wife taking a more capable lover. Suffice to say Testostro-Power has lived up to expectations!” L.L.

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