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Yungskin Liquid Food

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The Yungskin range contains only the finest organic, natural, ingredients which are infused and energized to dramatically improve skin tone and to ensure a fresh, youthful, appearance.


Yungskin - New Breakthrough Face Lift Serum

The Yungskin range contains only the finest organic, natural, ingredients which are infused and energized to dramatically improve skin tone and to ensure a fresh, youthful, appearance.

Yungskin Serum creams have been specifically infused and energized using a high-tech formulated process to stimulate and enhance Meridian - and Acupuncture points in the face at a deep cellular level to stimulate tone, rejuvenate and generally enhance skin health, providing visible and lasting results. The Serum creams do not contain any potentially harmful petro-chemical ingredients and comprise of only naturally derived and organic ingredients.

The Yungskin range is the result of over 40 years’ experience by Dr Philip Sherwin, a qualified Homoeopath, Naturopath and Acupuncturist, who has been recognized by HRH Prince Charles for his healing work. In the late 1970’s whilst at the British College of Acupuncture in London he noticed that some colleagues were conducting Acupuncture face lifting procedures on certain of their patients. Each treatment lasted about 45 minutes and, in most cases, resulted in a face lifting effect. However, the downsides were that the patient often needed a course of treatments depending on the severity of the case and, of course, it could be rather a painful experience.

Dr Sherwin speculated whether it would be possible to achieve the same results by working out the frequencies of the acupuncture points used and, by using a good quality cream as a base, infuse those frequencies into the cream. Suffice to say it has taken over 30 years for him to have identified and been able to design the equipment that can infuse all the frequencies into the Yungskin range of creams.

Natural & Organic Serum Face Creams
• Restore your skin's vitality
• Regenerate and rejuvenate your skin cells
• Tighten, tone and firm up your skin
• Reduce unsightly wrinkles and blemishes
• Ensure youthful-looking and glowing skin

Yungskin is a revolutionary, world first, skincare product range based on the age-old principals of Homoeopathy and Acupuncture. Also known as 'Acupuncture in a jar', the application of Yungskin Serum stimulates the Acupuncture points traditionally used for face lifting without the needles and discomfort.

Each jar is individually infused with energy by Yungskin inventor Dr Philip Sherwin, to ensure deep cellular level stimulation to tone, rejuvenate and enhance skin health, and most importantly to provide visible and lasting results.

The ingredients in the Serum Face Creams are manufactured using only the finest organic and natural ingredients available, whilst the water content is captured from a pure spring on Table Mountain in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Yungskin Serum Food

Yungskin Liquid Food is a pH alkaline liquid, which has been infused Homoeopathically with the energies of various ingredients to feed and rejuvenate the skin from within. Also added to Yungskin Serum Food are trace minerals which help conduct and generate the body's entire electrical system. One will have more energy and generally feel better. All the energies have been selected to help calm one and bring a youthful glow to the skin.

For the best results in skin rejuvenation and for youthful, glowing skin, it is recommended to take this in conjunction with the application of any of the Yungskin Serum creams.

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